Children receiving a lit christingle as a sign of Jesus as the light of the world
At the christingle service in mid December children receive an orange with a lit candle in the middle - this signifies the coming of Jesus as a light to the world.

The warden gets a helping hand with the hymn numbers
The warden gets a helping hand with the hymn numbers


There will be no services in our churches in January and at other times services may not be as regular as before the start of Covid-19 restrictions. Please check the Service Calendar for each month. Click here to see the service calendar for December and January.

Face coverings should be worn in church, please use the hand sanitiser on entering church and maintain social distancing.

If services cannot be held in church then recorded services will be available to view on our YouTube channel All Saints Ashover For Amber Churches. You will also be able to view the Christmas Celebration service on this channel.

If there is a fifth Sunday in the month then there is one service for all the churches with the venue rotating round the churches - please check details on the calendar for the month.

Children are welcome in services

Each church has a children's corner with books and games for young children and they are welcome at all services - see the Youth page for activites for youngsters of all ages.

Accessible to all

Each church also has easy access facilities, toilets and, apart from Brackenfield church, a hearing aid loop.